Other Works

Every roof is unique and so are the roofing materials and the customer’s desires. Whatever your needs or requirements, we will provide you with expert impartial advice and different solutions for your roof and budget, helping you to make an informed decision.

Keep your roof in great shape the easy way with Juniper Roofing Ltd.

Maintenance & Repairs 


Roofs are the hardest working part of any structure, withstanding weathering, UV and IR radiation, dust, debris and vegetation. These elements cause deterioration, weakening, ageing, incrustation and obstruct drainage elements, inhibiting performance. Through professional maintenance we can control the risks arising from these loads, ensuring your roof stays in tip top condition. Whether it’s a single tile repair, moss removal, re-pointing, bird prevention or gutter clearance, Juniper Roofing Limited covers all of your roofing needs.

We are pleased to offer maintenance contracts to help you keep your roof in excellent condition, as well as meet conditions of any guarantees.

Reliable and effective repairs

Let the experts take care of everything. Using years of experience and expertise, we will always suggest the most appropriate solution to meet your needs and requirements to prevent your roof from leaking or deteriorating further.

We are able to carry out roof repairs on all types of roofs, including repointing, replacing and fixing loose or broken tiles, rendering, ironing out bubbles and blistering in flat roofs and more.

We are not just limited to roof coverings. We are also experienced in carrying out repairs to but not limited to lead work, chimneys, soffits, fascias and guttering, roof lights, balconies, firewalls, concrete gutters and more.

Bird Deterrence

Living near the seaside we understand the inconvenience of birds and the damage they cause. We therefore offer a bird spike and bespoke chimney cage fitting service to overcome this and keep your roof in great condition.

Lead Works

Lead is used in many ways on roof tops: to form flat roofs, box gutters, valley linings, pipe slates, chimney and abutment flashings, aprons and trays. Lead is one of the oldest and most durable roofing materials and can survive on a roof for centuries. We are trained specialist lead installers, giving you piece of mind that your repair or replacement will be completed correctly to the highest quality and finish and in accordance with The British Lead Sheet Associations, Code of Best Practice.

Chimney Stacks

As chimneys age they need regular maintenance and repair. A working chimney should extract dangerous gases such carbon monoxide properly and safely. Even a non-working chimney requires upkeep to preserve structural integrity. Our expert roofing team will re-point the mortar joints on your chimney stack, reset or replace your chimney pots, check and seal your chimney flue so it’s watertight, check, repair damaged chimney flashing and flaunching, making the base of your chimney stack waterproof for years to come.

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